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Better Result
There is a provision for improving the result of the candidate in Bihar School Examination Board. If a candidate is not satisfied with the secured division, s/he may apply for getting permission for better results with application attached with a bank draft of Rs.200/-, duly forwarded by the concerned Headmaster within two years of the examination in which s/he appeared at first.
A candidate who is not satisfied with his/her secured marks, s/he can apply for scrutiny of his/her paper in which s/he got less marks through application attached with the requisite amount of bank draft duly forwarded by the Headmaster concerned. 


Charge of scrutiny:

(a) Rs.100/- per paper.

(b) Rs.800/- for all papers.

(c)  Scrutiny means only re-totaling of the marks awarded by the examiners. In case any question is unexamined only then that will be examined at fresh and its marks will be added in the total.

(d)  Information of change or no change is sent to the concerned school through registered post.



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