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The Bihar School Examination Board management (during 2000 - 2001) has made tremendous reforms in the working of the Board as mentioned below :-

  1. The Working hours is strictly followed from 10.15 A.M to 5 P.M by the officers and all employees of the Board. At random checking of attendance is made by the present Administrator.

  2. The working strength and structure of different sections have been reorganised by eliminating unnecessary sections.

  3. Examination centres were made on the recommendation of the district administration which was fully involved in the conducting of matric examination. Board's flying squad also visited different centres at random and took stern action against all those involved in unfairmeans. From fines more than 30 lakhs rupees were realized & deposited in the district treasury under proper government head. 

  4. The stern action has been taken against five dozens of employees who were found indisciplined and not performing their duty properly.

  5. A cell, has been constituted at enquiry counter for quick disposal of corrections like error in candidates name, father's name etc. in certificate etc.

  6. The income of the Board has been increased surpassing all previous records.

  7. The expenditure has been reduced to a large extent by preventing of pilferage, leakage and misuse on the one hand & by utilising old materials available but disorganized.

  8. About two dozens of proformas, forms etc. have been abolished and instructions have been made short, crisp and easy in lieu of unnecessary booklets.

  9. A drive for completing all pending cases of verification (received from within and out side the state) was launched successfully.

  10. A drive was launched to send the available certificates to the successful candidates through their schools. The Certificate for year 2001. have already been sent to their schools within two months of publication of results - a historical record.


  11. Variours criminal cases have been insituted with the police against all those (from the Board & outside) who were found indulged in forgery, impersonation, fraud, theft, wrongful gain etc.

  12. Political interference from different quarters was restrained successfully.

  13. The security arrangement at the door and on the campus of the Board has been tightened to check the anti-social elements.

  14. Unfairmeans enquiry committee has been recognised and senior retired officers have been included in that for transparency, accountability and fairness.

  15. For the evaluation of the answer books a new method of secret coding of the centres was evolved for the first time and hence the examinees and their 'pairvikars' could not smell about this.

  16. The flying squad consisting of administrator and secretary of the board visited some evaluation centres and arrested all those found guilty. Thus the mafias back was broken. Earlier such surprise checks did not takes place. This time many education mafia were arrested and were denied bail by the Hon'ble High Court , Patna.

  17. For the first time willing examinees could see their answer books after depositing 500/= per paper. Such facility was availed by 620 examinees , and  the errors, if any, were rectified very expeditiously . In total 5000 cases of scrutiny were disposed of within two months , a sort of historical record.

  18. A permanent calendar  was prepared for various major exam. activities.

  19. For the first time the annual results were declared within one & half months from the completion of exams. This too was a record for all the Boards  including CBSE / ICSE . 

  20. This time most of the technical errors were rectified before the publishing of results, hence the no. of incomplete results was drastically reduced , and the overall pass percentage also increased from 57 % in 2000 to 76.6 % in 2001.

  21. The evaluation of  supplementary exams was centralised at the BSEB campus and therefore the unscrupulous elements were disappointed .   



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